The philosophy of Magic Touch is a high quality range primarily designed by women for women and couples.

But our design team doesn’t overlook our male friends. To the contrary they bring a fresh new approach to male toys and sexual enhancement products.

Magic Touch strives for the ultimate sexual pleasure from both women and men.


Need that little extra push to reach that final climax? Magic touch has got your back! The magic touch range offers our customers strong and satisfying vibrations as well as a full radius of vibration modes to suit every mood and moment. Magic touch vibrating toys all have a continuous working time of 3 hours play at the lowest vibration setting and with easy to use USB charging, so scrambling for batteries or that sneaky trip down to 7/11 in the middle of the night is a thing of the past!


Don’t worry about that nosey neighbour hearing your toys through the walls (we can’t promise they won’t hear you though *wink*)! The magic touch range is exceptionally quiet whilst still having full power and is also fully waterproof so you can take your toys anywhere with you to enjoy a little wet play. You also never have to worry with your new magic touch toy faltering when you need her, all toys come with a one year warranty so you get to enjoy all the fun without the stress!


Want luxury but needing to stick to a budget? The magic touch range has your back! High quality toys made out of durable materials that are certain to get you going every time as well as making sure you reach that pivotal O whenever you want!


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